Make Inner Peace Great Again

Yes. That was a cheesy spin-off to a campaign slogan from a guy who I still believe wears a toupee…

Donald Trump

And, since you’re all wondering now… do I support the Donald? Let’s not toupee our way into politics… but, for the record, ABSOLUTELY not.

I’m writing this article because I believe inner peace is the new success in the world we live in today.

Cool, man… what does that even mean? Well, your grace, I’m glad you asked…

Inner peace (or peace of mind), by definition, is: “quiet and tranquility, freedom from disturbance… with enough knowledge and understanding mentally and spiritually to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress…” and it is something I struggled to find for a very long time.

And I know I’m not the only one…

All of us are struggling in the crossroads between the kid we used to be and the adult we’d like to be. I think the hardest part of growing up and becoming the person we want to be is that no one prepared us for the shi* storms we encounter along the way.

As time passes, self-doubt creeps in, and the negative force of the world tilts us from being free of disturbance. And so, we do what everyone else does. We conform.

We pride ourselves on achieving monetary success so we can boast a highlight reel on Instagram about how great our life is.

But, are we really happy? I mean let’s be honest, climbing the corporate ladder, earning more money, buying nicer things, and living a premium lifestyle becomes our only definition of success.

And if you think I’m wrong, let me ask you this… When was the last time you made a decision that didn’t revolve around money?

Money shapes our decision-making and you’re lying if you say it doesn’t.

Why else would we work a job we hate, in a town we can barely afford, trying to impress people who care little about us? Meanwhile, we’re becoming more and more depressed because envy, jealousy, anxiety, fear, and self-doubt are ridding us of inner peace.

That doesn’t sound like the life we signed up for.

Let me be clear about something, though. Money is not the root of all evil. People mess this up all the time.

Money itself is neither good nor evil. It’s a form of exchange for crying out loud. It’s a way for people to trade one thing – say, their money or their time – for another thing, like food or housing (or toupee’s if you’re one of those weirdos).

Having ambition and going after something of value is not the root of all evil. It’s when you allow money to consume your life and decision-making when it becomes a problem.

Yes, we all need money. And yes, it makes life easier knowing you’re not going to run out of gas on the way to work tomorrow morning.

By the way…

Anyway, my point is that money alone will not make you happy.

The reason why most of us never experience true joy and fulfillment in our lives is because we never take the time to fully understand what it is we want, why we want it, and how we are going to get it.

So, I created a Five-Step process to finding P.E.A.C.E. (Purpose, Escaping your past, Action, Change, and Empathy) to serve as your roadmap to creating the life you deserve.

The Peace Quest Life Planner will help you get clear on exactly what you want out of life, and give you a detailed plan for how you are going to get there.

I know this to be true because it did it for me. 

But, if you’re still not convinced and you want to learn more about the process…

Here are my five steps to finding P.E.A.C.E.


1. Find Your Purpose

You will not find Peace until you find Purpose.

When I started on my quest, I had little knowledge of what my Purpose was and how I was going to find it. I was lost. The only thing I knew about my life was all the things I did not like about it.

My initial thought, torch it. But, saner minds prevailed.

Purpose, by definition, is: “the reason for which something is done or created…or for which something exists.”

We all need purpose. Living without a sense of purpose is not living at all. Whatever your craft may be, we all have the urge to be useful in some way or another.

Living as though we are making no difference in the world will only lead us to unhappiness. Understanding what your purpose is and why you are here will bring fulfilling clarity to your life.

If you need some help with this one, shoot me an email or leave a comment below. I have the perfect exercise to help you get clear on what your purpose is.

2. Escape Your Past

Escape, by definition (seeing a trend here), is: “an act of breaking free from confinement or control…” Notice how this says ‘breaking free,’ and not ‘forgetting all together’ or ‘completely avoiding.’

We all have pasts in which I’m sure we are not proud of (I know I do), but it’s what we do with our pasts that will define our future. We need to learn how to let go and open up about our pasts so it can lead us to freedom.

I have another great exercise for you if you need some help with this one.

3. Take Action

Action, by definition, is: “the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve aim.” So, ready…aim…fire!

Not like that though.

Taking action involves designing a plan for what your life will look like. It will be your road-map to living the life you’ve always wanted.

There’s one exercise I did in particular that stands out for this one. Leave a comment below and I’ll gladly share it with you.

4. Change Your Autopilot

I mean we’ve come this far…

Change, by definition is: “the act or instance of making or becoming different.” We all need to change and become different if we want to grow.

If you want to drastically change your life, you must make drastic changes in your life. That means drastically changing your habits, developing a road map to success, and sticking to a regimented schedule.

Don’t Conform. Transform.

5. Learn how to be Empathetic.

Empathetic is not pathetic. Yep, you guessed it…

Empathy, by definition, is: “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” It is the full capability of you to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and view things from their perspective. It is understanding what that person is going through and trying to find ways in which you can help them.

If you need help with this one, go to Barnes and Noble and buy the book, “Being Nice to People for Dummies.”

It helped me drastically ?

And yes, for those of you paying attention…those five steps I just listed off spell P.E.A.C.E.

In closing, I will say this…

I am certainly not perfect (by any means), but I am finally at peace with the person I have become… And at least I know I’m not wearing a toupee. That’s a win all on its own.

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That’s all I got for now. Stay tuned, friends ✌️