Hi. I'm Ryan.


Well, considering it's what I do now, maybe I should start by telling you a story...quick and painless, no body gets hurt. Sound fair?

Okay, it goes something like this...

Three years ago, I stood on the edge of my window deciding if I wanted to be alive anymore. It was a time when I had nothing in my life to hope for and only myself to blame for it. 

I know, that’s a lot to hit you with right out of the gate…


Don't worry, this story has a happy ending. And not one you'll find at a massage parol, weirdo 😉

I write to you today as a Published Author.  My book, The Age of Wonderful Nonsense is officially published. 

I am humbled and joyful that the pain I found has been transformed into something positive to serve the world. See, told you it has a happy ending!

I believe we all must feel some sort of pain in our lives before we experience a breakthrough into finding peace and purpose for being here.

I am no different. I was lost in a dark storm and I allowed that darkness to cloud my life for many years. For a long time, I was breathing, but not yet alive.

I didn’t start living until I no longer allowed that darkness to hinder me from becoming the person I always dreamed of becoming. Sometimes, to find who we are we must lose who we were.

This story isn’t about how some guy became a published author, though. This story is a reflection of how a community of people saved a struggling,  #Lost20Something and gave him the opportunity to pursue his dreams. 

And to those people, I am eternally grateful.

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