How To Crush Your Dreams

It’s the new year and let’s pretend for a moment this is the year you’ll crush your dreams and finally buy your mom that trip to Tahiti you’ve been promising her…

Or, maybe, clear your student loan debt so you can stop eating frozen waffles for dinner. Or buy a house so you can stop paying rent to that weird landlord who has a bunch of cats.

Or get a promotion, finish school, develop a morning routine, climb Everest, jump out of an airplane, skinny dip in the Pacific – or you know, whatever.

Well, I have created the quickest way to get you there…

The Dollar Planner is my gift to you.

The Dollar Planner | Ryan W. Jones

It’s the last damn planner you’ll ever need. And why is it the last one you’ll ever need? Because I’ve tried them all and they didn’t work – so, I made my own that doesn’t suck.

And no, it’s NOT a financial planner. It’s an everything planner.

It’s years of banging my head against the wall figuring out what works. It’s everything you didn’t know you needed in one planner. It’s what helped me get my act together, get clear on what I wanted out of life, and crush my dreams, every day.

And, the best part? It’s only $1.

Why is it only $1? Three reasons –

1. I’m Insane –

Yes, letting you have something that took me years to create for the price of two tacos at Jack-in-the-box is the definition of insanity. But…

2. You deserve it –

Why should planning your day and crushing your dreams cost $30… a quarter? That’s right. Most ‘good’ planners you’ll find cost $30-$50 and those only give you 3 months of planning. It’s stupid. You deserve better – so, I’m giving it to you.

3. You have to print it yourself –

Yeah, I know. This is where you say, “I knew it was too good to be true. I’m not printing this stupid thing myself. Kick rocks, guy.” And this is where I tell you to be like Nike and just do it.

You won’t regret it. And if, for some God-forsaken reason, you hate it – guess what? You only wasted $1 and some ink your Dad probably bought anyway.

So, you’re welcome. Feel free to take me to Tahiti with you… well, after you plan it in The Last Damn Planner You’ll Ever Need ?

So, What’s Included In This Damn Thing?


Once downloaded, you will be sent step-by-step instructions on how to Build The Life You Want and Win The Day.


This section will help you map out 5-year, 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, and Daily goals to conquer your wildest dreams. And, it’s awesome. It’s easier than any goal setting you’ve ever done and you’ll be crushing your dreams in no time.


This section was built for you to see the entire month in a glance. It’ll help you get clear on your monthly goals, keep up with important events, and get sh*t done.


I’m gonna be honest with you – I don’t use this section at all. It’s boring, there isn’t enough room to write stuff down, and my brain doesn’t function this way. But, some people like it – so, I included it for them. See, I am a nice guy (sometimes). 


And finally, the GAMECHANGER.

This section alone is the reason I created this thing. It’s everything I’ve learned – all my blood, sweat, and tears – poured out for YOU to Win The Day.

It’s everything you need to crush your goals and conquer all your hopes and dreams. Even if you decided you hate me and don’t use any other section in this entire planner – USE THIS.

It will give you the life you’ve always wanted. And I know that’s true because it did it for me.

Now, go grab yours and Build The Life YOU Want!


That’s all I got for now. Stay tuned, friends ✌️