Words From Actual Humans

 The Age Of Wonderful Nonsense
"A modern sifting and weaving of the wisdom of self-help, 12 Step, and spiritual traditions into a unique roadmap for change..by and for Millennials..and us all. A must-read for high school seniors, their parents, and all college students..a vivid account of how to get lost and find yourself again."
-Jerry Duprez PhD., Author of "A Sack Half Full” 

“Ryan has a unique ability to discuss serious, deep-seated issues while also allowing readers to be entertained with his humorous, yet insightful, personal journey. Navigating your 20s is not an easy feat, but Ryan gives hope to the hopeless with a road-map to fighting the daily battles of life.”

-Ethan Chapman, Christ Follower, Former Professional Baseball Player and Amateur Advisor at Full Circle Sports Management

“The Age of Wonderful Nonsense is a brutally honest, humorous take on the road to recovery. Not just for twenty-something, but instead, for anyone who needs inspiration as they need to make changes in their lives and are looking for tools that they can continue to utilize time and time again. You will laugh, cry, reflect, build, and above all, be inspired to change your habits, and ultimately, your life.”

-Kristy M. Hunter, Copy Editor and High School English Teacher

The Age of Wonderful Nonsense is honest, refreshing and can help anyone find their own unequivocal happiness in a healthy, lasting way. An impressive balance of humor and raw honesty that will have any reader ready to take that first step towards a more sustained life.”

-Bailey Steinhauser, Public Relations & Copy Editor 

“The Age of Wonderful Nonsense reminds us that every living thing on this planet goes through periods of growth, in one way or another. Some of us grow physically, some grow mentally, and others grow emotionally - all at different stages in our lives. Everything that happens to us eventually intertwines and comes full circle. But, remembering that our biological clock will always be different from anothers’ is central to our growth as humans. This book reminds me that happiness and success will always be found by those who come searching, as well as work hard for it!”
-Braun Wilburn, Fitness Model and Health Coach