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Earlier this month, I had the privilege of visiting Warner Brothers Studios in LA to work on a new TV show. If I’m being honest, I probably should’ve been more excited than I was. My anxiety was through the roof. And not only that - I had to be there at 6:00am, which meant I had to be up at 4:00am. I was exhausted, and cranky.  Clearly, I’m still a child. When I arrived, they had me park off-site in overflow and then shuttle in. I hopped on the shuttle at O’Dark Thirty in the morning and realized I was...

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Two ears, one mouth. Hmmm 🤔 Ryan, what does that even mean, guy? Well, you curious and wonderful reader of mine...I’m glad you asked. I saw this quote the other day and it absolutely blew my mind. When I graduated college, I thought I knew everything. I had just launched a business and felt like I was invincible. And I made sure everyone around me knew it, too. I would go on and on about how great our business was doing and how awesome it was that I got to drink for a living. I would rant and rave about all the...

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  Are you ready for some controversy? I mean, how can I NOT talk about this new Nike commercial that has everyone on the planet in full panic mode. Nike really did ‘just do it’ with this one (see what I did there). There has been quite a bit of circulation regarding the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and this new Nike Ad titled, “Dream Crazy.” Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem in protest against wrongdoings of African Americans has been a major headline for years now.  Kaepernick went on record with NFL Media to say,...

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I have an addictive personality. I know that, you know that, and everyone I’ve ever met probably knows that. If you look up “addictive personality” in the dictionary, I’d be willing to argue that my name is in there. But, I’m sure you have all gathered that by now. Rather than sit here and list […]

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Ellen DeGeneres is perhaps the greatest human on the planet. And no. I’m not just saying that because I recently attended her show and am still star-gazing at how close I was to Rob Lowe. I genuinely mean she is my favorite human on this Earth (other than my Saint Mother and “Saint in Training” […]

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